Glen Mitku is a Cinematographer known for his work in film and independent cinema. His film Alone premiered in 2019 at the Independent Short Awards winning him the platinum award for Best Mystery Short at the LA International Film Festival. More wins and nominations followed at the Indie Short Fest, IndieX Film Festival, and Vegas Movie Awards for Best Narrative film of 2020.

In 2019 Glen was approached to work as a producer alongside Al Pacino's daughter; Julie Pacino, on the short drama film Nadia Jaan. Which took home two awards and two other nominations at the LA International Film Festival. 


Glen's work as a cinematographer also includes the award nominated heist film Blue Diamond (2020) starring Lucas Hogan, and Maria Michael's award winning film The Pulse Within Us (2020), which Glen joined as an executive producer as well.  


Mitku's work also extends to television with work such as the comedy tv-series The Four of Us (2016), and the crime tv-series Hood Deals (2020).

In 2021 Glen solely shot and produced his latest sci-fi film The Red Queen, which Is currently in post-production. Glen contributed as both cinematographer and film editor on the film.





“I believe Glen’s love for film is just so profound that he will make sure that whatever he puts out in the world; it will be something worth watching, “It can be entertaining storytelling or unique styles and images that will make you feel. When Glen is on set filming, he is thinking in so many ways how to make every scene special.”

                                          - Lucas J. Hogan, The Red Queen

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